How do you see yourself? Honesty is not always brutal.

I have had my identity wrapped up in the way I look. I learned at a young age that the way my body looks will prevent me from being loved or noticed. If I feel like I have gained weight then I also begin calling myself lazy, irresponsible, weak, different than everyone else. I felt like I had lost control even though I never had it in the first place. The pain was controlling me. Where did this start? Obviously our culture and expectations, but more of it was from myself. I am the hardest on myself. My expectations were way to high for myself, because I was trying to look like someone else. They are high because that is completely unreachable. What made her beautiful and not me? Why had it been so hard to find myself beautiful? I know I have been hearing cruel comments from men starting at 14. How do I change the way I see beauty in a woman's body and specifically my own? I would guarantee that our ideas of beauty have changed since we were children. We began to be programmed by society in terms of what is desirable and what is not. Noticing every detail is something that increases. Many years of observing other men or women around us and watching them be praised for the way they look, then tearing ourselves apart. We all want to be seen and accepted, but we have to give that to ourselves. I used to feel the truth in my heart from my higher self when I was a child, because I knew in my heart what was true and not true. That voice gets more and more muffled as we get older, and its not because of age, it's because the world wants to project its own insecurities down our throats. It is threatening to others when we love ourselves no matter what. You are to be put in your place instead of having a mind of your own. As we get older the world expects us to reflect these skewed expectations. We are expected to follow the crowd and sometimes it is easier than being hurt or left behind. Now we have the choice to back track and be connected to ourselves. Back to basking in the calm of knowing we are enough, and that if someone else cant see that, then their own pain and isolation is showing. Feel compassion for them. Find the innocence in the exchange. If you can accept yourself, you can generally accept others too by seeing beauty in the flaws. I would describe feeling truth from your higher self similar to a gut instinct, so what you are worth? Your mind will tell you that you aren't good enough. Your higher self will tell you the truth. The shift begins when you listen to your wise higher self and telling your mind, no! Create that strong bold boundary. No, I am not going to allow that thought! Refuse to suffer anymore from self abuse. What you can control is not allowing yourself to annihilate your light before lunch everyday. You can work on what you believe over time, but the mind will not be picking you apart anymore. A common belief is that honesty has to be brutal to improve yourself. Honesty is not always brutal, it is heart warming, and that means for you too! Heart warming truth will glow out of you and is extremely attractive. You can sense that in someone. You deserve it.

How would you describe yourself to yourself? What can you be proud of today? Can you connect with your higher self and find the true honesty? If you can't see yourself, ask someone you love and trust. Write down what they say and circle back to it after practicing your new bold boundaries with your mind for a couple days. It takes repetition and consistency. Be a rebel that wont take shit from yourself anymore. See what happens.

Love is the antidote to everything. Surrender to it.

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