Noticing Consciousness, and Creating Neuroplasticity and Manifestation

Updated: Mar 13

When your mind is going back and forth, are you arguing with your thoughts or are they arguing with each other? Notice your never ending thoughts and see them as a puppy that you need to train. It is all about positive reinforcement. Give yourself praise when you notice progress when your mind is chatting away. What are you going to allow and what are you going to redirect? Try and pin point what your mind is trying to solve. Usually your mind wants peace as well, and it is easier to focus on observing your thoughts with a quiet mind. Just notice them. Don't intervene yet. You want to get to know your thoughts before you change them. Most of the time our mind is talking constantly and we don't even notice what we were are thinking about, but believe me when I say that your subconscious is listening and taking notes. It isn't always pointless chatter. It creates beliefs with enough repetition. The good news is that positive thoughts also create beliefs with repetition. This is also called changing your neuroplasticity. Chances are that you have created very strong pathways and shortcuts with self sabotaging yammering.

Okay, so now I am going to explain neuroplasticity. It is defined as, “the ability of the nervous system to change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions, or connections.” In other words, your brain is always changing in response to your environment and nervous system, which is why meditation, DBT, and CBT are so powerful. Some believe that your brain develops and then we are stuck with the result. This is completely inaccurate. There are images of the brain changing while the patient practices alternative thinking and gratitude. Remind yourself to say, "NO", to a painful thought as it runs through your mind, and then replace it with gratitude or a positive thought. For example, "I believe that things will get better", "Everything is as it should be", "The universe is for me and so is everything else", "I am safe in my body", "I am doing my best and that is enough", or positive self affirmations.

We have all had traumas in our life, some worse than others. I was searching my past for a long time, trying to solve encounters I had in high school as a freshman with the senior boys. I have sexual traumas and a memory of a group of them staring at me, asking me why I didn't look like my older sister. I was 14, and not fully developed yet. Memories like these shaped me especially because I was at an age where I was trying to figure out who I was. It is when the real world slowly begins to be introduced, and it was a rude awakening. Later in life, I would find myself looking back into those memories trying to solve them, but the more I would let myself remember those traumas, the more it began to break me down. It strengthened painful beliefs I had about myself from those experiences, and I would tear that wound open every time, causing me to flare up my PTSD. As personal as this is, it is an example of strengthening harmful neuropathways and re traumatizing myself over and over. It took practicing meditation with gentle discipline, so I could quiet my mind and get a handle on what was going on. I slowly began to follow the steps that I am sharing and my life transformed within a year. I am still practicing this today, and my healing grows more and more.

We have the scientific methods and the holistic methods, which would be creating your manifestation for change. Writing down your values and goals is a good start to nailing down what you want to manifest in your life. For example, I am practicing manifesting that I will find a partner that I can laugh with and grow with. I also believe that I will find what I am meant to do to help others and make a living doing so. Check! Just started doing that, and I believe in myself completely. Now what is most important for you in your life? Remember that just hoping for meaningful aspects in your life will not magically bring you what you want. You need to create self healing within yourself through accessing self love, self worth, and stability with whatever has been your biggest struggle in life. That is why I am here. To help you get there. Feel free to message me for any personal guidance you might be searching for . Practice taking a thought, writing it down, and replacing it by describing the situation only using facts. Our beliefs and self talk that shreds our confidence are never facts. Start with easy thought replacements. In CBT, this is called keeping thought records. You will need to commit to replacing harmful thoughts religiously whenever they come up.

Manifesting what is most important to you in your life takes getting clear on what you want and asking the universe or your higher power for these gifts. You must believe in yourself and that this is absolutely possible for you. Have complete confidence in yourself. I briefly broke down the steps to changing your thought patterns because this has no room for doubt or fear. Be positive! I posted the story of the rabbit to represent that what you put out, you will get back. I had so much fear for most of my life and all that did was keep me stuck and suffering. I dedicated myself entirely to being open to a different life. A life that I wanted. I am finally getting that slowly but surely. I never thought I would be this happy again and sure of what I have to offer. I am not working towards being a life coach with the thought that I might not make it. I know what I am doing and I know I am good at it. I know that this is possible, so I am not scared. I decided to start believing in myself, but first it took work to break my negative thinking habits. I couldn't stand a chance otherwise. To say that I don't struggle sometimes still would be a lie, but I know exactly how to get back on track and take care of myself. I never thought I would experience the change that I have. Do the work and believe in yourself. I know 100% that if I can do this, so can you. Give yourself the gift of trusting you.

To do at home: Write down 10 values, example: Honesty, Passion, Humor, or Self Discipline

Next, Write down 3 short term goals, and 3 long term goals.

Now use your values to detail your goals.

Pick 3 detailed goals and translate them into 3 manifestations. How strong is your faith? You can use different meditations to get more connected to your higher self or higher power. It is important to have strong blind faith in your manifestations. Just know you deserve what you are manifesting. One step at a time.

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