Our Minds Create Our Reality

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

How has your mind created your reality? What is your daily experience like? It is time to figure out what your false beliefs are and discover where they are creating a reality that feels like a bad dream. It literally is a dream, good or bad, so it's life saving to uncover the truth. Truth is the actual reality that you are living in. We have to quiet our minds to see clearly. Trauma tends to mold our minds into a different experience in life than what is actually going on around you. Fear will create worry thoughts and will keep you trying to guess the future. It is trying to protect you, so don't hate it. Tell your fearful mind, "thank you for trying to protect me, but you are actually hurting me, so we aren't going to do this anymore." By releasing the fear hold on your mind, you will begin to change the way you respond in life. This is freedom. I, personally, wanted to respond in life with a pause. Not an instant reaction or by being scared. I was scared of how sensitive I am, because I thought it was inevitable to be crushed constantly. Control is an illusion, and at the same time I get to choose if I am going to lose myself in one interaction alone. Taking a pause and clearing my fearful mind before it could take over was my huge advantage to practicing my new methods of response or by giving myself enough time to view the situation with clarity and with my values on my sleeve. I got a chance to see the reality in front of me. This is the shift. This is how we create that change that you are desperate for. We cant just let go of fear because it will always be in your life. We will say thank you but no, and then change direction. Man, does this take repetition and consistency. Clearing our minds whenever we want becomes our strongest ally. Whatever your tangled problem is sitting in front of you, love is always the answer for YOU. We are taking care of you. You have your back now. Give yourself the space to use your compassion, because NOTHING is personal. Nothing anyone does to you is personal. That is reality. If you haven't read The Four Agreements, then buy that right now. We don't know what someone else has been through or is going through. So much of what people do has nothing to do with you, so don't let their misguided words start to define you. For the longest time, I thought I knew what someone was thinking, especially regarding me. I am most definitely a highly sensitive person, an empath. I can sense so much in someone else, but I can not read their minds. That is another way fear is trying to protect me. Thank you, but no. We aren't doing this anymore. Having the ability to feel someone else's pain is real. Later, in another post, I will discuss how to protect yourself, as an empath, from sucking up the negative energy you encounter. First, knowing what someone else is thinking is none of my business, and second, it can be very damaging. Words do hurt you if you let them, so don't seek out getting hurt by something that is not even personal or a fact. So many things we think about or judge a day shifts and changes constantly. What someone thinks about you one second can change the next, so getting hung up and defined by something so fickle is a wicked trap. I am going to post a deep meditation that I created after this. Practice this in the morning if possible, and the smaller meditation throughout the day when it is time to reboot your thoughts. Doing these meditations are how you get to see the world with clarity and compassion. Lifting this veil will give you the sense of freedom and safety that might have been lost. You will always find the answers within, so you need a clear mind to hear them. Again, love is always the answer, and this meditation will teach you how to begin to feel love for yourself. Give yourself 5-10 minutes and sink in to this for as long as you can. The shorter meditation is just to have in your back pocket to reboot your mind and give you some guidance toward self healing.

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